Q. Who is my counsellor?

You will be informed of your counsellor in the first semester. As far as possible the aim is to keep the same counsellor throughout your studies here, but that is not always possible when academics go on leave.

Q. What if I want to change my counsellor?

This should be discussed with Chairman of the Department, who will decide whether or not a reallocation is warranted.

Q. What if I want to change a class?

The permission of the Chairman of the Department is required. Class change is not routine and is only allowed for good reasons, e.g. religious reasons, child care commitments, work commitments. Your request will then be considered by the department and you may be asked to provide documentary evidence in support of your application.

Q. Where can I seek help if I am experiencing difficulty?

Within the Department you can speak to various people. You can make an appointment with your counsellor.You can also seek advice from the Head of the Department.For any general enquiries about the LLB and LLM programs contact the Programme Coordinators.

Q. Where can I find past exam papers?

Past exam papers can be found at the Controller of the Examination, office.

Q. What are the fees in the Department of Law?

The current fees for the LL.B. and LL.M. programs are available in the Admission Office of WUB.

Q. Where do I pay my tuition fees?

Please contact with the Accounts Office for the information.

Q. Can I apply for scholarship?

Students may apply for scholarship if there is a need. For more information please contact with the Accounts Office.

Q. What accommodation is available to students?

WUB has several accommodation options available with a variety of facilities and costs. All are within easy walking distance of WUB. Please note that the space is limited in the WUB hostels.

Q. Can I visit WUB to get further information?

Yes. You can visit WUB Admission Office or the Law Department Office for information related to education.

Q. Can I pay tuition fees monthly or semester basis?

Yes, you can pay your tuition fee for monthly or semester basis.

Q. How can I know the total amount of tuition fee for study LLB or LLM?

You can know the total amount of tuition fee for study LLB or LLM from the Admission Office or Law Department Office by telephone or by physically appearing at the office.