Law :: Academics 

Promotion and Graduation Policy

  • For promotion from 1st semester to 2nd semester a student needs to earn a minimum GPA 2.00.
  • For promotion from 2nd semester to 3rd semester a student requires to earn CGPA 2.25
  • For promotion from 3rd semester to 4th semester a student is required to earn CGPA 2.50
    A student will have to maintain minimum CGPA 2.50 in order to be promoted to the subsequent semesters and obtain degree/diploma.
  • A student promoted shall have to fill up a course registration form for the next semester with a necessary session fee.
  • A student’s all benefits shall be forfeited such as the right of scholarship, stipend or special treatment if he/she fails to obtain promotion.
  • A student may be issued with course completion certificate for special purpose and for specified period of time.
  • A student failing to clear up University/ Departmental dues of the semester shall not be promoted to next semester.